The Mayor of Almansa inaugurates the 2014 courses destined to the shoe making entrepreneurs

The Mayor of Almansa and president of Albacete’s Diputación, Francisco Núñez, inaugurated yesterday the “Asociación Provincial de Fabricantes de Calzado y Afines de Albacete”2014 courses.
Núñez showed satisfaction having been able to inaugurate these sessions “which are the official beginning of the tasks contemplated in the convention  signed last week by the Federación de Industrias del Calzado de Albacete (FICE) and the Diputación Provincial, with a budget of 50.000 euros.”

The mayor of Almansa has manifested that “Today’s conference:” Spanish economy prospects: The challenge of industrialization”, is part of the courses and tasks program that will be made effective as part of the signed convention for the education of the Almansa’s shoe making industrial entrepreneurs as to improve their exportations and external promotion of the trade.

Furthermore, Núñez has pointed out that “Shoe making is everything for Almansa and its economy. The city council wants to be nearby those who move Almansa’s economy , therefore our support to this area that will bring us much happiness in the future, both in the short and long run. “