Nuñez sings a convention with FICE-Almansa for the promotion of the shoe making trade

The Mayor of Almansa and president of Albacete’s Diputación, Francisco Núñez,, and the president of FICE Almansa, Enrique Navalón, have signed a convention  of collaboration worth 50.000 euros destined to finance educational activities and promotion  of the shoe making industry in Albacete’s province.

According to this convention, there will be specific educational programs for entrepreneurs and middle rank operators, commerce strategies in showcases and expositions etc. At the same time, there will be an effort to create promoting actions as part of a marketing strategic plan for brand promotion “Calzado de Almansa” as well as the development of the website promoting “Calzado de Almansa”

The shoe making companies federation  (  Federación Empresarial del Calzado ) comprises 45 associate companies and generates an estimate of 2000 direct jobs.

During the signing of the convention, the Diputation’s president Francisco Núñez, reminded that “Shoe making is a priority and strategic area for the province and region, and it is an activity where the destruction of employment has been minimum. Due to this fact, the external promotion of our companies is vital for this province’s economy, and in order to achieve that, we aim to educate  workers and directives  of these companies in quality, competition and external commerce as to improve their competitive capabilities.