Almansa Footwear Promotion

Almansa Mayor announces the launch of a campaign to promote local footwear

The mayor of Almansa, Francisco Núñez, accompanied by the Councillor for Economic Development and Employment, Antonio Millán, and the president of the Albacete Provincial Association of Footwear Manufacturers and Related Products, Enrique Navalón, gave a press conference to announce the imminent start of a campaign focused towards the promotion of the Almansa footwear mainly, some details were advanced, as well as the fact that it has the support of the City, FICE and the Provincial Deputation.

Nuñez said that the intention of this campaign, to be launched after the period of fairs, is that “recognition at national and international level of Almansa footwear. In this context -continued- we will make every effort to ensure that the 20 million people a year traveling on the [highway] A-31 as it passes through Almansa, get to know the town not only for its castle and gastronomy, but for the intrinsic quality of the shoes from Almansa”.

Among the different elements that form part of the campaign, Núñez showed two of the first initiatives to publicize the brand ‘Almansa, the best shoes’: the launch of a website and putting up a billboard on the highway A-31. According to the mayor, “the time has come that Almansa shoes are definitely positioned in the market and get their deserved recognition for their great quality and design. It is time that this genuine product of Almansa is placed by its own merits where it belongs and in fair correspondence to the global prestige of some of the Almansa manufacturers”.

Meanwhile, in relation to the recent celebration of the Footwear Fair in Madrid, president of the Manufacturers Association, Enrique Navalón, acknowledged that they were “really happy”, due to the fact that “assistance was decreasing with each new edition both in the form of exhibitors and customers, and this time, with small adjustments to the format, we have seen that it has resurfaced. “According to Navalón, footwear needs its own specific show, “which is what has been done on this edition, because there has been a pavilion exclusively dedicated to footwear, which also provided a separate entrance from the rest of the fair”.

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