Shoemaker Almansa

The Provincial Association of Footwear and Related Products Manufacturers (ASPROFA) located in the town of Almansa (Albacete), where is concentrated 95% of industry companies in the province, was created in 1978 to protect the interest of its members, and advise on all of the issues relating to the company.

One of the main objectives is to promote collaboration between institutions and shoe companies, in order to position Almansa as a leader in the manufacture of quality shoes. This is specified in the following actions:

  • To promote, encourage, and coordinate all initiatives or actions to develop and consolidate companies in Almansa.
  • Collaborating with these companies by providing specialized services.
  • Propagate the slogan “Almansa: the Best Shoes “.
  • Promote and stimulate actions and research, development and innovation projects for the industry.
  • Promote training and experience by organizing conferences, seminars, courses and other interesting initiatives.